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I just bought a home and Weaver was the builder! I must say, I am so satisfied with my home and Billy was the best! He went above and beyond! I just wanted to say thank you to Billy for being patient and going above and beyond when he didn't have to! I am one happy client!

"Nothing less than Professional ~ Weaver Homes Inc. thank you for making this sale so smooth. The home was Ready Early, No issues at all. The team worked hard to make my buyers experience excellent. Hands down you guys are The Best! A++ on Quality, Construction and customer service. Thank you for all that you do to make the home buyers experience flow positively through the finish. Keep up the good work."

– Renae Hutsell

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Weaver Homes Inc. is an excellent company to deal with when purchasing a new home. We moved here from out of state and they made the process so easy for us. We would highly recommend Weaver Homes Inc. to anyone looking for a well-constructed, beautiful home

- Robert H.

Building and buying a Weaver Homes Inc., Inc. has been one of the most professional and responsive experiences I’ve had in purchasing a home. Everyone has been friendly and responsive. So great to work with. All builders should follow their example.

- Allen A.

Everyone at Weaver Homes Inc. was a delight to work with during my home buying experience .

- Deeann B.

Development community was exactly what we were looking for a one level maintenance free condo in a natural setting. Construction is top quality. Management staff was very responsive to our questions and concerns. Sales staff was professional and knowledgeable about the development and construction process, virtual meetings were helpful during the pandemic. Timing of the construction inspection was just as explained in previous meetings and the closing was held on date scheduled. The whole process was very professional with good communication throughout, ultimately a very satisfying home buying experience!

- Marty M.

My experience with Weaver, from initial meeting through closing, has been outstanding. Weaver Homes Inc. was there every step of the way to answer my questions and any concerns I had. This is not the first home I have built, and my experience with Weaver was like night and day compared to my other builder.

- Sharon S.

I am very pleased with my new home and feel proud to say I own such a nice, comfortable home in a beautiful country setting.

- Linda E.

I love my new home! It’s everything I was looking for. I love my friendly neighbors and the community environment.

- Desiree F.

From the start, I was thoroughly impressed with the knowledge and professionalism demonstrated by every Weaver employee I came in contact with - throughout the entire process. Absolutely no pressure when I worked with the Sales Professional or from the Design Professional. They listened, interpreted and ultimately built me my dream home. Right there in the middle of the entire process I had a fantastic Project Manager who kept me informed regularly. I knew I was in good hands.

- Harry R.

We have been very pleased with Weaver Homes Inc. The team has been very responsive to questions and concerns. The quality of the home met our expectations.

- Matthew S.

Weaver built a quality home for me without any surprises. I appreciate their honesty even when I may not have liked the answer. I’m confident I made the right decision.

- Janet S.

The Weaver individuals were very helpful with putting the actual home style together, paricularly as to the styling and options. The construction went well as to the end product and the timing. Management seems very receptive to meeting the customer needs and customer satisfaction

- Mark W.

We just moved into our new home built by Weaver Homes Inc. They worked back and forth with us for a long time (due to crazy COVID making prices skyrocket). We finally started construction and the process was very easy. They were very responsive to questions we had during the construction process. I would definitely recommend Weaver Homes Inc. if you are looking for a builder.

- Curtis Jackson

Weaver Homes Inc. worked hard to deliver us a beautiful home on-time, helping us through every step of the home building process. Extremely knowledgeable with layout and available options, and exceptional design choices, too. My family appreciates all the effort they put in to get every detail just right.

- Amy Tokar Spiegel

They get an excellent rating from us because we had some snafu's with the biggest one being our home was completely sided the wrong color - big oops!. This builder took off the wrong color and then we got some huge storms that really did some work on our waterproofing membrane. They re-wrapped and fixed all the seams and put new siding on and exceeded our schedule getting us in almost a month early so we met the school schedule! When they made a mistake or something wasn't right they have fixed it to make it right. Mistakes happen but going above and beyond to make it right is being excellent. We can't complain it has been a good experience and having been in a year we love the outcome.

- Noelle Weaver

Weaver Homes Inc. goes above and beyond for their customers. I am grateful that they built my new home.

- Rico McDowell

I've been in my home for almost a year now and I've never been happier. The house is wonderful and your customer service (if I need anything) is excellent. Thank you, Weaver Homes.  

- Kim G. /Sweet Gum Meadows

I purchased a Weaver built home and have been very pleased with the customer service that has been provided to my family. I am active duty Army so I'm extremely busy, but Mr. John made sure to communicate effectively with me. Him and his team went above and beyond to ensure that my issues were addressed in a timely manner. Thank you.

- Shawn Collins-Goodrich

We couldn't be happier with the beautiful home Weaver Homes built for us. The craftsmanship is outstanding, with meticulous attention to detail evident in every corner of the house. From the stunning kitchen to the elegant bathrooms, everything was completed tp perfection. We were particularly impressed with the landscaping work they did. It was totally unexpected. Sod was laid down along with a nice tree and bushes boarded our front entry way! The team was professional, responsive, and a pleasure to work with throughout the entire process. They made sure all of our needs were met and kept us informed every step of the way. They even notified us that our build would be done a full month ahead of schedule! If you're looking for a home builder who delivers exceptional quality and service, look no further than Weaver Homes. Highly recommended!

- Mark Thibeault

During the entire experience, Weaver Homes Inc. had our best interest in mind at all times. We are coming up on our year mark and so far we love the product that was produced for our family. Charlie has been more than helpful when we needed minor repairs. He is very prompt and thorough in fixing the issues. I would definitely recommend this home builder to those wanting a new build. From what I've seen, Weaver Homes Inc. craftsmanship and products far surpass the competition.

- Brennon Pierce

We just purchased our house 1.5 years ago! We were super excited when we purchased our home and the excitement has not diminished to date! Did we have some issues with the house when we bought it, of course we did, no house is "perfect"! Even with the very few issues we had, we reached out to the builder warranty department and they expeditiously came to our rescue! Fast forward to now, we had an issues and even t hough the warranty is expired as we only had a year warranty I reached out to Weaver Homes Inc. and they came that same night, after 5pm and was able to rectify our situation! Again, no builder is "perfect" and ho house is "perfect" but if I have a builder that will stand behind their customers ? regardless, I'll take that any day over a perfect builder/house! As Tommy Boy said it best, "you can get a good look at a T-bone by sticking your head up a bulls $@% but I'd rather take the butchers word for it" what I'm trying to say is you can put a warranty stamp on a box all day but the warranty is only as good as the company backing it! Weaver has lived up to their word for us and has backed the workmanship ?! Thank you Weaver Homes Inc.!
Sincerely, The LaMirands!

- The LaMirands

I have the pleasure of working with Weaver Homes Inc. on a daily basis and I must say, I am thoroughly impressed. From start to finish, the staff is prompt, courteous, and professional at all times. Their customer service is top-notch and truly sets them apart from the rest. Throughout the building process, the staff is always available to answer any questions and they provide weekly updates. In addition to their exceptional customer service, the final product is always top notch. The quality of the build is outstanding. Overall, I would highly recommend Weaver Homes Inc. to anyone looking for a top-notch building experience. Their commitment to excellence is unmatched and their passion for their craft shines through in every project they undertake.

- Sandy Stevens w/ The Tammy Register Team

I don’t think I could say enough great things about Weaver Builders. This is our second home, but first time building. I have a lot of construction, realtors, home flippers, etc. in my family so I’ve heard horror stories about all different kinds of builders. None of those stories apply to Weaver Homes Inc. I would say their best trait is that they communicate so well. Any and all questions or concerns we had were addressed very quickly. They guided us effortlessly through this process and are still being helpful even after we’ve closed and moved in. They really make you feel like they want you to be in a great home for you and your family and they back up their work 110%. I would highly recommend Weaver to anyone wanting to build their dream home. You will not regret it! And thank you to Brooke for allowing me to ask a million questions and being so patient with us. And thank you to Johnny for being one of the nicest people I have ever met and making sure our home was perfect! We love our new home and are so excited to start making memories here!!

- The Morgans

Weaver Homes Inc. did an amazing job on my new construction home. The quality and time that was put in really showed at the end. I want to thank Weaver Homes Inc. and realtor team for making my home a dream come true ?

- Shantel McLean

My experience with Weaver has been above and beyond anything I expected. Being a first-time homebuyer, I worried about buying a home from a builder that didn't care about the buyer after the sale. Choosing Weaver was the best choice I could have made. They've been very attentive to any concerns I've had while making sure any little issue is quickly taken care of. I want to give a big thanks to John Jacobs on minor fixes he made. Very professional and super cool energy. Weaver does a great job of working with great people to create an overall experience that I don't think I would've gotten with another builder. Thanks Weaver!!!

- Cliff Lee

Great company and great people!! They build a great house!! Wonderful experience from start to finish.

- Robert Stanley

I'm a realtor who represented a veteran and they went out of their way to get everything done early so my veteran would have time to move in before heading off to Airborn school. Great guys to work with, and quality is much better than other new builds I've seen.

- Realtor

As you read all the great reviews about this fantastic company you understand that this isn't just another home builder! They are building relationships, friendships and communities through truth and trust! Nowadays its getting more default to find a company that is willing to listen to there customers and take their vision to fruition! This is the team that makes dreams come true! So when your ready, they are ready!


I am writing to share my experience with John Jacobs. John came to my home on Thursday, August 5, to complete warranty repairs. John was customer service-centric. He was cordial, respectful, and listened to my perspective. John completed the repairs in record time while fielding calls from management. John was competent and took pride in his work. John said he would contact the plumbers regarding the replacement sink fixture that was ordered in 2020. He even turned off the water to the sink so that the water would not continue to leak. John provided two plumber’s telephone numbers to follow up with to confirm a time for the plumbing repair to be completed. John is the type of employee that Weaver Homes Inc. wants to work with its customers!

- Teresa Smith

Nothing less than Professional ~ Weaver Homes Inc. thank you for making this sale so smooth. The home was Ready Early, No issues at all. The team worked hard to make my buyers experience excellent. Hands down you guys are The Best! A++ on Quality, Construction and customer service. Thank you for all that you do to make the home buyers experience flow positively through the finish. Keep up the good work.

- Renae Hutsell

We were relocating from Seoul Korea Korea, with little knowledge of North Carolina and its surrounding areas. My husband was being sent overseas within two months of returning stateside which gave us no time for a true search for this "dream" home we talked about for his retirement. We located the perfect realtor, Pearlie Alston, who found the dream home, which turned out to be not so dreamy. The home was a one year old, with everything I'd dreamed of but with a few unnoticeable bruises. With deployment around the corner, time was not on our side. We resolved that we would buy a new home in a new area. In fact, we were the first home in the area. Although it was a beautifully built home, it was not our dream home, our retirement home. Though grateful I was truly not satisfied with the house because we'd settled. Three years and a few snags later, we decided it was time to try again. We ended up with the same precocious realtor who "just so" happened to work with Weaver Development Co. We sought him out and he would be the realtor that would see the sale of our "now" old home and the purchase and closing on our dream home which happened to look exactly.....(but improved) than the one three years later. It has all the amenities I wanted, i.e. high ceilings, the ability to look over into the living room area from the staircase, and the best part of the deal is the opened kitchen appropriately centered with a black granite Isle.

It was a wonderful experience working with Ann Weaver. This is our third home and honestly, and prior to Anne Weaver, I've been guarded in my trust when it concerned taking advice on designing my home. Anne has such a keen sense of interior design for colors. She is absolutely fabulous! I've received so many compliments on my walls. I'e had people attempt to emulate, instead of simply asking me what color, or what we had done. Anne recommends this awesome coalesce of colors; for example, in the dining room, the bottom 1/3 of the wall was painted a darker tine and the remainder of the walls matched the primary colors in the living room. It makes the rooms look larger. If you're not aware of this amazing blend you'll simply get a painted wall.

We absolutely love the home that Weaver Development built for our family. From the very beginning of the process, to the finished product, we received excellent service and response. Its built-in smart house features are an exquisite bonus at an economical price. Thank you for such a wonderful experience. You exceeded all of our expectations. Your commitment to customer satisfaction is unmistakable. We will always be thankful and will not hesitate to recommend Weaver Development Co.,Inc.

- The Adderlys

I cannot say enough about our experience with Weaver Homes Inc.  From the people  involved, to the construction quality, to the price we paid for what we got, to the way you took care of our special requests and finally to the way you took care of our punchlist and our one year warranty concerns.  You were head and shoulders above the other three builders in our subdivision.  We would recommend you to anyone looking for a beautifully appointed, well constructed , well priced dwelling.  The pictures are three years old and my wife's gardening  and flower beds since then are superb.  When we added our deck through you as well as a door (originally a window) to the deck your people said it should come standard on the Sarah B model.  Consider that as we love it.

- Terence R. Burns


We just can’t thank you enough for everything (and we mean everything) you have done to make our new house the “dream home” that we have only imagined until now. Thank you for scrubbing the floors, to hanging doors, to everything in between! This home would not have gotten done without you! You’re AWESOME! Please accept this small gift, but know we could never gift what you are worth! God Bless you!

- Tony & Audra Desorbo

The service and personal attention we received from Weaver Development Company was exceptional and very professional. They are truly a high-calibre team! Their knowledge, years of experience and key contacts in our community allowed us to build our Dream Home. 

We were first-time custom home buyers/builders and each one of Weaver’s team members guided us through the various stages to build this home to our specifications. They were with us every step of the way.

From the very beginning Frank Weaver helped us to locate ideal acreage for the home to be built upon.  Next, Tony Weaver assisted us with the initial planning, financing and budgeting phases of the project. Throughout the process Anne Weaver helped provide us with a vision of a custom design plan and interior designer finishes. At the onset of the construction we were blessed/appointed  with a wonderful  Project Manager, Dan Hall. Dan’s attention to detail, experience and client satisfaction goal was his priority and apparent while working with my husband and I. We could not have done it without him!!

We write this letter to express our true appreciation for all that Weaver Development Company has done to make the vision of our DREAM HOME come true!!  We would highly recommend this company to anyone as it has truly been a wonderful experience and many pleasant memories for our family!  We are now living in the home and absolutely  LOVE IT!!

Thank each of you so very much!

- Eric and Kathie

I have enjoyed my home, it's spacious, floor plan is very conviently designed, well insulated and pleasant in so many ways. Thank You Weaver Homes Inc.

- Nancy Thomas

I just bought a home and Weaver was the builder! I must say, I am so satisfied with my home and Billy was the best! He went above and beyond! I just wanted to say thank you to Billy for being patient and going above and beyond when he didn't have to! I am one happy client!

- Crystal Harris

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